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Tom Barker - VP of Engineering at Thrillworks

Tom Barker

VP of Engineering

Tom Barker has experience with both commercial and educational organisations that successfully embrace technology in conjunction with people and culture, innovation and learning, collaboration, diversity and sustainability. He is a digital transformation leader with strong strategic, organisational and leadership skills. Tom has extensive expertise in change management, enterprise solutions and digital omnichannel marketing. In the commercial sector, he has been involved in delivering significant innovation projects worth $50M+ for clients.

He has achieved wide publication and maintains a significant media presence. TTom Barker authored ‘The Full Stack Web App Playbook,’ which McGrawHill published in 2019. This foundational textbook provides digital execution strategies to create, scale, and transform businesses with digital solutions, including omnichannel marketing and progressive web apps.

Tom’s academic career has run in parallel to his commercial career, organising $100K-$1M industry sponsorships and consulting work with graduate and postdoc students. As a member of a University Executive, he has led eLearning strategy, developed 5 year academic plans, managed department budgets of $60M with 100+ faculty and staff, as well as 4,000+ students. He has held roles as a Dean, a Chair, and a Full Professor in digital design, technology and media.