Produced By

Sara Schmidt

US Foods

In her nearly 20-year career in Information Security, Sara has established a reputation as an inclusive and proactive leader who is focused on delivering the highest security outcomes for her business partners. She is currently the Chief Information Security Officer for US Foods. Sara received her Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University but found her calling in Information Security. She began her career as a cryptography analyst with the National Security Agency, learning all the tools of the trade on how to be a good hacker and defender. After 8 years with the NSA, Sara and her family moved back to Michigan, where she joined the private sector for the first time. She later joined Famers Insurance and was named CISO in 2019 and then moved to US Foods in 2022. Sara is an advocate for women in IT, especially Information Security. She co-founded the Farmers Women in Cyber Security affiliate, she mentors through the Council of Women in Technology, engages in Summer STEM programs for girls, and strives to grow, develop and encourage women in the IT industry. Beyond work life, Sara is also a busy mom to 4 kids, ages ranging from 5 to 15 years old. They like to take hikes, visit Farmers Markets, and in general make a mess. Sara is an avid fan of professional cycling and reader of historical fiction and sci-fi books.