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Kathy Lange

Research Director, AI Software

Kathy Lange is Research Director for IDC’s AI and Automation practice, focused on Machine Learning Life-Cycle Tools and Technologies. Ms. Lange’s core research coverage includes machine learning life-cycle technologies and platforms, trends, end-user requirements, business models, use cases, associated regulations, and market sizing for this critical, fast-growing segment. Additionally, her research covers AI life-cycle automation, model pipelines, trustworthy AI, and data annotation and labeling services.


Before joining IDC, Kathy spent over twenty years at SAS. She led Analytics Consulting, Analytics and Text Analytics PreSales, and Competitive Intelligence teams. Kathy’s expertise helped organizations gain value from analytics, data science, machine learning, and AI. She was a frequent speaker, presenter, and moderator at SAS’ Executive Briefing Center and at industry conferences. Her most recent role as Director of Competitive Insights examined key AI life-cycle competitors and market technologies. Competitive assets provided tactical and strategic insights for sales, marketing, and product management.


    M.S. in Operations Research from Union College

    B.S. in Mathematics/Statistics from the University of Delaware

   Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals, Azure AI Fundamentals