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Curtis Price

Program Vice President
IDC's Infrastructure Services group

Curtis Price is the Program Vice President of IDC’s Infrastructure Services group. He oversees research within IDC’s Sustainability, Network Infrastructure and Data Center Services. Across these areas, Mr. Price provides expert insight and analysis of the trends and market dynamics impacting enterprise and communication service providers.

In the area of sustainability, Mr. Price was a member of a pilot research program that IDC initiated in 2019 called Technology for Social Good (TSG). The TSG program was focused on the role IT can play in driving positive social and environmental impact. Mr. Price analyzed and published research on technology vendors’ sustainability activities and strategies, including profiling innovative partnerships between technology vendors and social entrepreneurs.

The success of the TSG pilot led to the launch of a global research program called Sustainable Strategies and Technologies, which is now part of Mr. Price’s research group. Within the Sustainability Strategies and Technologies research practice, Mr. Price provides insight and analysis on a broad set of topics across environmental and social sustainability trends.

In addition to the sustainability research, Mr. Price has been analyzing various segments of the networking industry since 1989. Before joining IDC in 2005, Mr. Price led Stratecast Partners’ Service Provider Business Strategies Analysis Service, which analyzed the enterprise networking strategies of Tier 1 network service providers and solution integrators. Prior to that, Mr. Price was the Director of Advisory Services at Pyramid Research, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), focusing on telecommunications trends and developments in emerging markets. Prior to his work at Pyramid, Mr. Price served as Director of Data Communications research at IDC. In this role he was responsible for publishing insight and analyzing trends in the global communications infrastructure market. Additionally, Mr. Price worked for Motorola’s Information Systems Group (ISG), based in Mansfield, MA. There he supported the strategic planning and business development for the company’s data communications products. He also helped establish the company’s Competitive Information Group.

Mr. Price is a frequent speaker at industry and vendor events. Mr. Price holds a B.S. in marketing from Northeastern University.