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Allice Shandler - Events Director at IDC Canada

Allice Shandler

Events Director
IDC Canada

Allice Shandler is a seasoned event management professional known for orchestrating captivating and seamless experiences in the technology, hospitality, entertainment and manufacturing industries. With a proven track record spanning the past 25 years, she has skillfully designed and executed a multitude of events. These events have been both virtual and in-person, bringing together like-minded individuals. The purpose is to share knowledge and forge connections. She is an energetic leader that enjoys leading with empathy and embodying the science of emotional intelligence.

From her time as an Assistant Cruise Director with Princess Cruises, to KPMG Canada’s National Virtual Events Manager and subject matter expert during the pandemic, to her current role as the Director of events with IDC and Foundry, Allice’s journey reflects a mastery of marketing integration, project logistics, and alignment with sales strategies, all underscored by her meticulous attention to detail. Allice Shandler exudes a passion for hosting and connecting with peers both on the stage and during carefully crafted industry events. Allice brings an unmatched ability to curate engaging experiences that resonate across industries and captivate audiences around the globe.