FutureIT | Toronto

Building the Digital Enterprise with Cloud, AI and Security

May 09, 2023 | In-Person Event

Cloud, AI, Security.

Digital transformation is moving the needle toward digital business, where the next challenge will be driving revenue and scaling operations without a commensurate increase in costs, according to the latest IDC research. But no matter where you are on your digital journey, cloud, AI and security are integral to modernizing your systems and creating the essential customer- and employee-focused organization needed to keep up.

Join us in person for FutureIT | Toronto on May 9, where fellow digital, IT and security peers and industry experts will show you what matters most. They’ll cut through the hype and offer their well-honed insights to share what you need to know to overcome the challenges of building a digital enterprise.

At a venue conveniently located in Downtown Toronto, you’ll spend the day learning from our carefully curated keynotes and meeting peers during structured networking time and roundtable discussions.

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What's in it for you?

  • Learn where digital operations are having the greatest customer impact
  • Hear real-world Canadian case studies on AI, cloud and security
  • Understand where Canada is a market leader, and where we need to improve
  • Expand your knowledge on how to build a modern organization
  • Identify skills gaps – and what to do about them

Best-in-Class Topics

  • Where automation and AI have the greatest impact
  • Strategies for managing cloud sprawl
  • Surveillance technology and tools to defend against cybersecurity threats
  • How to upskill your team to meet business demands
  • Securing your digital estate